Our Organization

Newly Elected Board Of Officers:

DAVE FHAGEN (President)

ANDY McCARVILLE (1st Vice President)

JAMES PROTOSOW (2nd Vice President)

ALEX GOODMAN (Treasurer)

BRIAN MATTEO (Secretary)


JOE MAESTRE (Delegate)



DAN FISCHER (Delegate)



DR. BARRY GOLDBERG (Police Surgeon)

DR. CATHY CARONIA (Police Surgeon)


Our History

The Long Island State Park Police was created on May 16, 1946 by New York State Park Commission President Robert Moses. The "Original" Thirty-Four Police Officers were appointed from a civil service list, certified on May 15, 1947. Patrol vehicles consisted of used, 1941 unmarked State Police cars. In late 1947 the first "Green and White" patrol cars arrived with features such as sirens, roof mounted flashing lights and two-way radios, a big advantage at the time as other departments were using one-way radios.

Our department had many "firsts". The first department to have two-way motorcycle radios; horse "mounted" patrols; a "file 1" stolen car check system and the first department in New York State to to receive judicial notice on the use and operation of "RADAR" to enforce the speed limit.

On April 1, 1950 the department replaced the New York State Police on parkways throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties, patrolling over 190 miles of parkways with an annual traffic volume exceeding 160 million vehicles and State Parks with attendance in excess of 23 million people annually.

On January 1, 1980, through an act of legislation, elements of the State Parkway Police merged with the New York State Police, reassigning patrol of state parkways back to the State Police. Remaining members of the Parkway Police formed the New York State Park Police and patrolled State Parks.

As times changed, so did the department, continually updating to keep abreast of the enormous changes in policing over it's 60 year span. Little has remained the same. But there are two constants that have endured. The dedication and professionalism of it's members.

Our Mission

To uphold the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the State of New York.

To study police issues and to utilize all legal means to bring about solutions to problems that concern police in general.

To promote a fraternal spirit among police and non-profit organizations and to help them in any way that does not conflict with our goals or by-laws.

To support children's organizations and to promote good will and educate our children so that they may grow to become good citizens.

Contact Info

Long Island State Park Police PBA

PO Box 119
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Website: www.lisppba.org
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
PBA President PO Dave Fhagen: (631) 565-7472
PBA Treasurer LT Alex Goodman: (631) 238-1180

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